Hochschulschloss Vöhlinschloss

The mission statement – Study. Educate. Network.

The Vöhlin Castle Seminar Centre is the seminar, management and conference centre of the Bavarian-Swabian Universities of Applied Sciences. The atmosphere, the business culture and the interactions with customers and cooperation partners are characterized by openness and trust. Academia and business, companies and students, and the universities of applied sciences meet at Castle Vöhlin to plan and realize joint projects. The location and historical ambience of the castle provide ideal opportunities and spaces to realize new and creative educational concepts. As idea-smiths and a space for experimentation, we also make our contribution to the innovative power of the region Bavarian Swabia. For decision-makers in the fields of business and politics, Castle Vöhlin is also an ideal location for meetings, conferences and training courses away from the setting of everyday work routines.