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Data protection statement


Every time the websites of the Castle Vöhlin Seminar Centre or any files are accessed, the following data are logged and evaluated for statistical purposes:
• the address (URL) of the website from which the file was requested
• name of file accessed
• the date and the time of the request
• the amount of data transmitted
• access status (file transferred, filed not found, etc.)
• description of the web browser type and/or operating system used
• the abbreviated IP address
The abbreviation of the IP address by the last two bytes is done immediately after the IP address is recorded. Example: becomes Personal user profiles cannot be created due to the limited saved IP address.


When visiting the websites of Castle Vöhlin Seminar Centre, a session cookie is automatically created, which is then automatically deleted when you close your browser. The cookie is used for navigating and displaying the websites. The information is not available in later browser sessions. The user's access behaviour is not saved or evaluated. The websites can be used even if cookies have been disabled.


JavaScript elements, like cookies, used on the websites help to display dynamic information. The websites can be used even if JavaScript has been disabled.

E-mail security

When you send us an e-mail, your e-mail address will only be used for correspondence with you. Information is not used for other purposes or passed on to third parties. If you wish to send us an e-mail with sensitive content, we strongly recommend that you encrypt your e-mail in order to prevent unauthorized access to and manipulation of the content in transmission. You can encrypt your e-mail to info@hs-neu-ulm.de with S/Mime.

E-mail encryption

Storage of personal data from reservation requests

After sending a reservation request, the personal data which you supplied is recorded, processed and used for organizational purposes related to the reservation. Your data are treated confidentially and are only transferred to third parties with your express, written consent.
You have the right to object to the use of your data and you may exercise this right at any time by providing a statement or sending an e-mail to us. If you wish, we will provide you at no charge with an overview of all your personal data which we have saved. You can request that your personal data which we have stored be corrected, deleted or locked at any time.

External offerings

The University is not responsible for the contents or privacy policies of external offerings.

Social media offerings, Facebook “Like” button and share buttons

We draw your attention to the fact that simply by clicking on social media buttons on this website and links to these services your personal data can be transferred to third parties, regardless of whether you are a member of the social network. These data can technically be used to develop a personal profile.
The responsible persons affiliated with www.hochschulschloss.de (see Legal notice) have no control over the processes thus initiated. By clicking on such links, you leave the area controlled by the operators of this website. Please note the data protection regulations and settings of the social network providers.

Contact for further questions about data protection

Josef Schmidt
Phone +49(0)731-9762-2802
E-Mail: dsb@hs-neu-ulm.de