Hochschulschloss Vöhlinschloss

Castle Vöhlin: A university castle

Professor Eberhard Schurk, Augsburg University of Applied Sciences

“As a university of applied sciences, we place great value on successful transfers of know-how in teaching and research. For this exchange of expertise and technologies, the Castle Vöhlin Seminar Centre is a valuable place for us that bundles the development potential of the three Swabian universities of applied sciences in a very special way. Students and instructors, employees and representatives of the business world should feel equally welcome to use this place of encounters, learning and continuing education for themselves and for networking.”

Professor Uta M. Feser, Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences

“We hope to intensify the exchange between business and academia with our seminar centre and to enrich the university and business region of Swabia with the offerings of the three universities of applied sciences in Augsburg, Kempten and Neu-Ulm. We have a very special setting here that inspires and connects for seminars, training courses, meetings and workshops.”

Professor Robert F. Schmidt, Kempten University of Applied Sciences

“The location of Castle Vöhlin and its historical ambience are the ideal environment to nurture future projects of the three universities. I believe these projects are of great importance because the universities of applied sciences are on the one hand competitors, but on the other hand the castle is a clear sign of their cooperation.”
Three universities of applied sciences come together in the Castle Vöhlin Seminar Centre:

Fields of studyBusiness and Economics
Architecture and Design
Engineering Studies
Information Systems and Multimedia
Business Studies and Tourism
Social Studies and Health
Engineering Studies Information Systems and Multimedia
Business and Economics
Engineering Studies
Information Systems Management
Last updates: 4. August 2017; informant: Bayerisches Landesamt für Statistik